Fully Integrated Clinical Expertise

We always conduct and manage our own clinical trials using our in-house expert team. This reflects our fundamental belief that building a strong relationship with physicians who are directly treating patients will provide faster and more efficient clinical development and better products.

TCB001 ImmuniCell® Clinical Trial

This trial investigated the safety profile of GDTs derived from patients and was open to people with melanoma skin cancer, renal cell kidney cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. The trial has now closed and the results will be presented soon.

For further information please visit the Cancer Research UK study information site or clinicaltrials.gov.

TCB002 OmnImmune® Clinical Trial

This trial uses our unmodified GDTs derived from healthy donors, to establish the safety of the allogeneic platform. The trial is now recruiting patients with active relapsed or refractory AML.

For further information please visit clinical trials.gov.