Fully Integrated Clinical Expertise

TCB-101-001: ImmuniCell Clinical Trial

This study is looking at the safety and usefulness of ImmuniCell®.

It is open to people with melanoma skin cancer, renal cell kidney cancer or non-small cell lung cancer:

- that has spread to another part of the body (advanced cancer); or
- is slow growing and your doctor thinks this treatment might help.

For further information, please visit the Cancer Research UK study information site and speak with your oncologist

We have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) cleanroom facility in Central Scotland where our products are manufactured. We retain all the quality support systems such as product testing and release of final product to the clinic. Keeping these systems in-house allows the Company to control all aspects of the manufacturing process whilst significantly reducing costs.

We also conduct and manage our own clinical trials in-house. In addition to significant cost savings, this allows us to build a strong working relationship with physicians who are treating the patients; we believe this is key to successful product development as the physicians participating in our clinical studies will also be our future customers.

We believe that retaining control of key elements of our business such as GMP manufacture and clinical operations, has allowed us  to move quickly and efficiently over the last four years from a start-up, to an established immunotherapy company with multiple partnered products and our backbone technology in phase IIb/III clinical studies. This is reflected in a 2016 Frost and Sullivan report which highlighted TCB as one of the ‘key’ cell therapy companies in the oncology sector.