ImmuniCAR represents a next generation approach to CAR-T treatment with a number of advantages over conventional approaches.

TC BioPharm owns the two main patent families in the gamma delta CAR-T space, providing robust IP protection and manufactures all products in-house, leading to a much lower cost of goods than competitor products.
Conventional CAR-T treatments have seen many patients experience treatment-related adverse events and are limited to liquid tumors. Furthermore, the cost of manufacture of such treatments is high which can lead to difficulties in scaling an infrastrucuture to meet patient demand.

ImmuniCAR®, takes advantage of the inherent specificity of gamma delta T cells against phosphoantigens which are expressed only by cancerous and infected cells. This ensures that the cytotoxic effect of the CAR-expressing Gamma delta T cell will be focused on the pathogenic cells expressing the target antigen whilst ignoring healthy cells. This is ensured by the fact that when the target antigen is expressed on a healthy cell, the Gamma delta CAR-T cell is not activated. This technology enables the targeting of cell surface antigens which have previously been deemed ‘undruggable’ due to their expression on healthy/non-diseased tissue. Thus, ImmuniCAR® has the potential to treat a wider range of tumours than can be targeted with present strategies.

ImmuniCAR has an excellent safety profile, as demonstrated from in vitro data, and can be readily used to treat solid tumours as well as liquid tumours. The potency of ImmuniCAR is equal to conventional CAR-T treatment and the product can be ‘pharmaceuticalised’ through TCB’s OmmniCAR platform.

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