TCB modifies gamma delta T cells to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) enabling them to seek and destroy diseased cells expressing a target protein. By exploiting the inherent ability of gamma delta T’s to distinguish between diseased and healthy cells, ImmuniCAR ® will not damage healthy tissue even it expresses target proteins.

ImmuniCAR ® has the potential to transform the lives of patients suffering from cancer and viral infections.

ImmuniCAR ® represents a next generation approach to CAR-T therapy with a number of advantages over current approaches.

Safe – specifically kills diseased cells whilst ignoring healthy tissue, allowing a wide array of disease targets previously deemed ‘undruggable’ to be targeted

Efficacious – TCB’s pre-clinical studies demonstrated similar potency to current (conventional) CAR-T

Wide ranging – ImmuniCAR ® can be used to treat both solid and haematological tumours as well as a larger number of disease protein targets

TCB owns two patent families in the gamma delta CAR-T space, providing robust IP protection.

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