OmmniCAR represents an approach to CAR-T treatment which can be campaign manufactured in reproducible doses with no patient-to-patient variation.

Gamma delta T cells are particularly suited to the development of an allogeneic product, because unlike other cell therapies such as bone marrow or stem cell transplantation, they do not induce a dangerous side effect known as ‘graft versus host disease’ (GVHD). GVHD is a complication that can occur when the newly transplanted donor cells indiscriminately attach to the recipients’ body.

OmmniCAR can be produced and banked in advance ready for use as an off the shelf cell therapy product for a wide range of cancers. Gamma delta T cells will be derived from healthy donors and exponentially expanded in cell cultures to produce a product, which can be shipped to multiple clinical sites and effecrively treat numerous disease indications.

The OmmniCAR program is funded by a European Union Horizon 2020 grant through to the end of Phase I clinical trials. Partnership opportunties are available in a range of indications. To discuss further, please email