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Press Releases:
TC BioPharm Announces Launch of COVID-19 Phase I/II Human Trial

TC BioPharm LTD, a clinical stage biotechnology company developing an allogeneic gamma-delta T cell platform, today announces launch of a Phase I/II trial in COVID-19 infected patients in the UK.

The Company will utilize ImmuniStim®, its proprietary allogeneic gamma-delta T cell product in early-diagnosis COVID-19 patients. With recruitment initially commencing at the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital under the leadership of Dr Brendon Payne, this is the first ICH-compliant application of an allogeneic gamma-delta product in a viral indication, an important milestone as TCB continues to expand its therapeutic pipeline.

ImmuniStim®, is derived from TCB's GMP-compliant allogenic cell banks using the Company's proprietary cell-expansion process and CryoTC® - an innovative freeze-thaw process allowing global shipping of cell-based product from cleanroom-to-clinic in a reproducible and cost-effective manner. Each of TCB's allogeneic cell banks have potential to treat many thousands of patients, creating a true "off the shelf" cell therapy for patients with severe viral infections such as early-diagnosis COVID-19.

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