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Press Releases:
TC BioPharm Launches Crowd Fund Campaign

TC BioPharm (TCB), the UK pioneering and award-winning immunotherapy business, which has been recognised as a world-leader in Gamma Delta T-cell therapy, is pleased to announce that it has launched a crowdfunding with Crowdcube, to contribute to the capital that it is raising to invest in further clinical trials in both COVID-19 and cancer.

The crowdfunding launch, in its very early stages, has already produced very promising early support and has reached its minimum investment threshold, with substantial new investors pledging support in the first few hours of the crowdfunding going live.

Based near Glasgow in Scotland, TCB has focused much of 2020 on designing and gaining regulatory approval to run a trial for a novel COVID-19 therapy to help address both the UK and global impact of the pandemic. TCB is confident of securing clinical trials to treat COVID-19 patients in early in 2021, following additional funding.

Click here to see the TC BioPharm funding page on Crowdcube

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

This latest fund-raising by TCB may be the final opportunity for private investors to support TCB’s clinical trial efforts in advance of a planned large scale funding institutional in 2021, in line with the route followed by most successful life science companies.

TCB is recognised as a leader in cell therapy with strong intellectual property protection around its platform technology, cancer collaboration and development partnerships with two global pharmaceutical companies and successful phase I trials already completed in the treatment of cancer.

Immunotherapy is one of the most important innovations in healthcare to emerge in the last 20 years and is transforming treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that uses the body's own immune system to prevent cancer and infectious disease. T-cells are a key part of the immune system. TCB leverages innate powers of Gamma Delta T-cells, whose natural function is to seek out and destroy infected cells. There are only a few companies in the world who are pioneering in Gamma Delta T-cells, a field which is believed to hold enormous potential.

Commenting on the crowd fundraising, Chief Executive of TCB, Dr Mike Leek said:

“We are delighted at the positive response to our Crowdcube launch. This exceeds our expectations and demonstrates the intense interest in our leading approach to patient health. The latest fund-raising will be open for the next few weeks with Crowdcube. This is an exciting opportunity to make a contribution to improved patient health and quality of life with an attractive investment which will help to yield safe, efficacious and cost-effective therapies. The encouraging commitment of Crowdcube members to make further investment in our series A round supplements the finance already raised in 2020 which, together with additional private investment that we are seeking, will enable the Company to continue its progress towards reaching further important milestones next year. We anticipate that this will include further clinical trials in cancer and in Covid-19, extending our research work on cell therapies and continuing to progress our pioneering approach to immunotherapy.”

“TCB has pioneered an innovative, broad platform of therapies which we are confident will address many diseases including cancer and viral infection.”

Click here to see the TC BioPharm funding page on Crowdcube

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.